❝ as rivers reach the sea; you'll reach me. (adrastea) wrote in twinstrikeish,
❝ as rivers reach the sea; you'll reach me.

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Tags: ! icons, animanga: tenjho tenge, animanga: xxxholic, game: dragon's crown, game: final fantansy xiii-2, game: final fantasy iii, game: final fantasy iv, game: final fantasy ix, game: final fantasy tactics a2, game: final fantasy type-0, game: final fantasy versus xiii, game: final fantasy vi, game: final fantasy x, game: final fantasy x-2, game: final fantasy xii, game: final fantasy xiii, game: kingdom hearts, game: kingdom hearts 2, game: kingdom hearts 3d, game: kingdom hearts bbs, game: magna carta, game: persona 2, game: persona 3, game: persona 4, game: soul calibur iv, game: tales of graces, game: tales of graces f, game: zelda skyward sword, icons: challenges icontests etc, movie: beauty and the beast, movie: cinderella, movie: iron man, movie: iron man 2, movie: pocahontas, movie: tangled, movie: the avengers, movie: the dark knight, movie: the lion king, movie: the princess and the frog, movie: thor, movie: x-men first class

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